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Tabiya Hotel is an 8-room boutique hotel, located in Tabiyacho off Shijo Street, where both old and new Kyoto merge.
The name Tabiya embodies the wish to provide travelers with fortuitous encounters and an enjoyable experience, offering warm hospitality to travelers (tabi) staying in its 8 (ya) rooms.
Design Concept
Similar to Shijo Street which is a blend of both modern and traditional culture and landscapes, the rooms have only the most essential functions that create a streamlined and simplistic look. At the same time, each of the 8 rooms has been allocated one traditional color which reflects Japan’s changing seasons, with the rooms named after their colors.


We strive to create a space where travelers can enjoy the ambience of Kyoto,
while unwinding in a casual and stylish environment that is imbued with the true colors and spirit of Japanese hospitality.

  • Logo

    The Tabiya Hotel logo has been designed in the image of 8 which signifies the number of rooms and ‘mizuhiki’ decorative cords, which are representative of traditional Japanese culture.

  • Nearby Attractions

    Head downtown for a walk-and-eat tour of Nishiki Market. A short stroll to the Kamogawa River enables visitors to enjoy ‘Kawadoko’ outdoor dining. There are also numerous sightseeing spots to be enjoyed in the Higashiyama area. Nearby sights include Kennin-ji Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Chion-in Temple, Gion Shirakawa where guests have frequent opportunities to photograph ‘maiko’ or apprentice geisha, traditional ’machiya’ townhouses, stone-paved walking paths and cherry blossom trees illuminated during the spring evenings.

  • Beds

    The rooms are furnished with Simmons beds, guaranteeing a restorative sleep that leaves guests feeling rejuvenated in both body and mind.

  • Shower Rooms

    With detailed attention placed on design, each of the rooms have walk-in shower rooms fitted with gentle rainfall shower features that wash away the fatigue of travel.

  • Complimentary Coffee and Tea

    We provide our guests with a superb Caravan original blend coffee which strikes a perfect balance between sweetness, acidity and body. We also offer the Nina’s flavored tea brand which originated in France. The tea is made with all-natural aromas, flower petals and pieces of fruit. Various aromas have been mixed to obtain the optimal balance, creating an original flavored tea with exceptional body and a deep, intense flavor.

  • Shampoo

    Our bathrooms feature trusted skincare products from THANN, Thailand’s natural skincare brand.
    THANN products combine an original blend of essential oils derived from botanicals that have been carefully sourced worldwide, allowing you to enjoy unique fragrances. THANN is a world-renowned brand that has received numerous international awards for its proven product quality and stylish designs.