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Our Approach to Novel Coronavirus Infections

Thank you for using TABIYA HOTEL. We have taken the following measures to prevent novel coronavirus infections so that you can have peace of mind when staying with us under our belief that our top priority is the health and safety of our guests and employees. The aim of this is to prevent novel coronavirus infections and to prevent the spread of this disease.

◆Cleaning, Disinfection and Other Hygiene Measures and Social Distancing
①We are meticulously using alcohol disinfection to clean our in-building facilities, guest rooms and equipment more than ever before. In particular, we are thoroughly sterilizing and disinfecting places that are touched by many people (e.g., door knobs and faucets).
②We have installed vinyl sheets on the reception counter to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
③We are securing an appropriate space between guests by creating a distance between seats in the café, lobby and elsewhere. The hotel staff may speak to you to prevent the 3Cs of closed spaces, crowded places and close contact with people. Please cooperate with this.

◆Hotel Staff Infection Prevention Measures
①All employees will wear masks and gloves while working with consideration for the health and safety of our guests and public health.
②We check the health condition of our employees every time they report for work. We ensure that they fill in a check sheet and store records. Together with this, if any employee has symptoms such as a fever above 37.0°C or a cough, we instruct them to standby at home.
③All employees are washing their hands and rinsing their mouths before work, after using the restroom, before meals and when returning to the building after going out. In addition, all employees are sterilizing their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer after washing their hands.

◆Request for Cooperation from Our Guests
①We will check your health condition and measure your temperature with a non-contact medical thermometer when you check-in. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you have a fever or if you are not feeling well, we will not allow you to enter the building.
②We ask that you wear a mask when coming to the building to prevent the spread of infection. If you need a mask, we will give you one at the reception. Please cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or handkerchief when not wearing a mask (e.g., when eating or drinking).
③We have installed alcohol for hand sanitization in various places in the building so that you can stay here with peace of mind. We ask for your cooperation in using this.
④If you feel unwell due to symptoms such as a cough or fever during your stay here, please tell a nearby employee to that effect.
⑤Please make use of the pre-arrival advance payment system or pay by cashless means (e.g., a credit card) at the front desk so that we can check you in smoothly.

*The above may be updated according to the policies stated by the Japanese government and related agencies in the future. We will inform you of such at that time


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It also received the “2016 Guest Review Award” from

Tabiya Hotel received the “2016 Guest Review Award” hosted by which is one of the leading accommodation booking sites. We are extremely grateful to all our guests for their continued patronage of our hotel. Our entire staff is committed to providing an excellent level of hotel service that satisfies your every need.

We look forward to your ongoing patronage.


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