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Handling of Personal Information

Our company acts in strict compliance with laws pertaining to the safeguarding of personal information. The handling and protection of such information by us is conducted in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and is hereby explained as follows.

1. Purpose of Usage of Personal Information:

・For confirming guest reservations pertaining to our company’s operations including accommodation, restaurant and bar services, weddings, and merchandise sales.
・For appropriate handling of inquiries and provision of services.
・For informing guests via direct mail and/or e-mail of facilities, products or service information provided either by our company or affiliated companies which we deem to be of benefit to our guests.
・For marketing analysis aimed at providing guests with a greater level of satisfaction by improving customer services etc.
・For conducting various forms of management required to operate our company.
・For additional matters pertaining to the previous items.

2. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

In using any personal information of our guests, Tabiya Hotel may entrust such personal information to the below-mentioned third parties within the scope of reasonable use. Moreover, the provision of such information will be discontinued if specifically requested by the guests. Tabiya Hotel will not provide personal data to a third party without the prior consent of the data subject, except where the transfer is:
・based on laws and regulations;
・necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual;
・especially necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children;
・necessary for the affairs, prescribed by laws and regulations, conducted by a state organ, local government, or person who is authorized to conduct such affairs by these entities;
・to a business partner of Tabiya Hotel deemed to be of benefit to our guests;
・to companies whom we outsource management of our hotel systems;
・to companies whom we outsource our hotel operations;
・to companies sending direct mail etc. on the hotel’s behalf.

3. Measures for Protection of Personal Information

Our hotel will provide regular education and training to our employees with respect to the protection of personal information and strictly manage personal information received from our guests.
Our hotel will implement the necessary safety management systems for our data base etc.

4. Parties to whom processing of personal information is entrusted

When we do outsource all or any of the personal information of our guests, such third parties will be will obligated to enter into a contractual agreement, after which we will conduct appropriate management and supervision of their activities.

5. Parties to whom processing of personal information is entrusted

All inquiries and/or consultations pertaining to handling of personal information should be directed to the chief privacy officer (CPO) at the following contact address/phone number.

TEL +81-75-354-0300

Policy for Protecting Personal Information

Tabiya Hotel (hereinafter referred to as "the Hotel") fully recognizes the importance of the personal information of our guests and is committed to handling this information carefully. The Hotel will strive to promote the following efforts in order for us to provide better products and services and assume responsibility for protecting the personal information of our guests.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Hotel’s executive officers and the entire staff (including temporary staff and part-time workers, same below) will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and any other related laws and regulations, thereby striving to safeguard the personal privacy of guests.

2. Appropriate acquisition, usage, and provision of personal information

In the event that the Hotel collects any personal information from our guests, this will be done through the appropriate channels. Having clearly specified the purpose of use, the Hotel will then collect personal information to the extent necessary for accomplishing the said purpose.
Information will not be provided to a third party, unless the Hotel obtains consent from guests in advance and complies with the conditions of the laws and regulations.

3. Safety management measures

The Hotel will strictly manage the personal information of our guests and implement any preventive and safety measures deemed necessary and appropriate against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, or other damage. With respect to the handling of personal information and the required system, the Hotel will develop in-house regulations and other rules necessary for each service, improve the organization by appointing responsible managers, and establish a system to protect personal information. The Hotel will provide adequate education and training to its employees regarding protection of personal information, in an effort to keep every employee of the Hotel informed and aware of the content. In the event that management of personal information is outsourced to third parties, the Hotel will screen the third parties and provide appropriate supervision as required.

4. Disclosure, correction, or suspension of use of personal information

With regard to personal information of any guest that the Hotel has obtained, if a guest wishes to disclose, amend, or suspend the use of any personal information, the Hotel will promptly respond to the request at the contact address below. In the event that the Hotel does not comply with the guest’s request in accordance with laws and regulations, the Hotel will then explain the reason for taking such action.

5. Continuous improvements in dealing with personal information

The Hotel will strive to continuously improve the regulations for the handling of personal information. It is therefore possible that changes will be made to the privacy policy without advance notice.

6. Inquiries related to personal information

The Hotel contact address for all questions and inquiries related to personal information is as follows. Please appreciate that we may need to ascertain your identity to the extent necessary for responding to the disclosure request.

TEL +81-75-354-0300